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ZaZaChat Live Chat Software Is Your Live Chat Customer Service Solution For Many Industries

Your Customer Service Problems Solved With Live Chat And Help Desk Software for your industry.

Auto Sales

Live Chat for Auto Dealers. Never miss a customer inquiry when you install live chat on your auto dealership’s website. Your customers have someone they can talk to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your dealership never closes – and neither do sales leads.

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Live Chat Solution Auto Dealers

Car Rental Industry

Live Chat help in Car Rental. The Internet is great, but car rental customers usually have questions that need to be answered by a live person because of the complexities that can come with rentals. Assist your customers with live chat support when they need it most.

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Live Chat Solution Car Rental


Live Chat for your Consulting website. You’ve worked hard to become an expert in your field. Now, customers who visit your website can chat with our live chat operators who will tell them what your consulting firm can provide.

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Live Chat Solution Consulting


Live Chat for E-Commerce. Lead customers from browsing on your website to purchasing.

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Live Chat Solution Ecommerce


Live Chat for Education. Students and parents want information. Give it to them with live chat software. Give your educational website the customer service boost it needs.

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Live Chat Solution Education


Live Chat for Government. Everyone has their eyes on the bottom line. Improve your municipal government’s bottom line with efficient customer service, improved public relations and more efficiencies overall.

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Live Chat Solution Government

Insurance Agencies
Live Chat for Insurance Agencies. Customer service is vital in the insurance industry. Get customers the answers to complex policy questions online.

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Live Chat Solution Insurance Agencies


Live Chat for Pharmacy. Customers want access to pharmacy information 24 hours a day. They’ll get up-to-the-minute information on drug interactions, side affects and other basic information when they chat with a live chat operator on your pharmacy website.

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Live Chat Solution Pharmacy

Real Estate Office

Live Chat for Real Estate Website. Online listings are a popular tool for real estate agents. Increase your closings with live chat support that gives potential buyers all of the housing details they need to know – and increase your lead prospects.

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Live Chat Real Estate

Travel Agencies

Live Chat for Travel Agencies. Travel advice is only a click away when your travel customers book their next trip using helpful travel tips from ZaZaChat live chat operators. Customers can get assistance with travel details, accommodations and itineraries by speaking to a live chat operator on your travel website.

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Live Chat Travel Agencies

Web Designers

Live Chat for Web Designers. Add live chat to your suite of web design services as an add-on feature for your clients.

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Live Chat Web Designers

Web Hosting

Live Chat for Web Hosting Sites. Live chat is a value-added package that can be offered to your customers.

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Live Chat Web Hosting

Financial Industry

Live Chat for Financial Industry. Give customers the power to check the status of their loan applications, inquire about interest rates and get answers to their most pressing loan questions.

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Live Chat Financial Industry


Live Chat for Joomla. Need to provide live chat assistance for customers using your Joomla platform? Our live chat operators can provide Joomla support and sales information to customers who visit your website.
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Joomla Live Chat


Live Chat for WordPress. Installed Live Chat Software on your Wordpres blog, but want an easy, effective way to provide support for your customers? We can help, by providing live chat sales and support to your customers.
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WordPress Live Chat

Health Care

Health care is a 24-7 business, especially if you operate a hospital. They don’t close, and neither should their customer service operations.
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Live Chat For Health Care

Connect Your Customers

The Internet has made it easier to do business around the clock.

But, the old rules of business still apply: Customers want to hear a real, live person on the other end of the phone when they call. Not an answering service. Not voice mail. And not silence on the other end of the phone.

Critical Market Research

Convert 25 Percent More!

It’s a fact: Our live support software converts 25 percent more of your websites visitors into customers. And websites equipped with ZaZaChat’s help desk software provide market research that every website needs. Just think: How many more customers could your business get if there was a friendly, professional operator handling your calls live?

Get more sales when you connect your website with customers using ZaZaChat live help software. Our operators are trained to handle multiple customers, for maximum efficiency.