Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software

  • Why Use Live Chat? 1Communicate With Customers

    Your website visitors expect live support. In fact, online chat is a common feature on nearly all of the most successful Ecommerce websites today. Live chat improves customer service, by offering website visitors a live chat operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And, customers are more likely to spend money at a website that offers live support, improving your sales, credibility and boosting customer loyalty.

    2Powerful, Easy-To-Use System

    Our live support system is simple and easy to use –- it takes less than 5 minutes to install. There is no complicated training, HTML or programming languages that are required to get your live support system up and running. You’ll find that ZaZaChat is a powerful system that also offers market research information on your website visitors. ZaZaChat makes live chat easy.

    3Cost Effective

    Our live chat software and help desk software is affordably priced. Buy it for less than $1 a day and get as many as four operators who will field calls from your website. ZaZaChat is a cost-effective solution that offers customer service for small and large businesses. ZaZaChat live chat operators can service multiple clients.

    4Customer Friendly

    Our friendly, professional operators are here to service your customers – in sales, service, customer support and much more. Customers appreciate patronizing a website that offers a live, person they can talk to, any time of the day or night. Improve customer service with ZaZaChat live support.

  • Gain More Clients With Travel Agency Live Chat

    Live Chat Software Travel Agency

    Traveling customers can be fickle. They’ve heard enough travel horror stories that they don’t want to book a trip on just any website, especially one that doesn’t have a live operator.

    Make your travel agency website stand out from the competition by equipping it with live chat from ZaZaChat live help software.

    Give you customers an excellent customer experience by offering ZaZaChat live person chat software and help desk software on your website. They’ll keep coming back to your travel site because they know they can get friendly, live chat assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    You never know when a customer is searching for a getaway. If they come to your web site, what will they find? Will they have to send an email to get their questions answered – and wait the next day to get a response? Or will the have to wait the next day to get a quote because it’s 3 a.m. and no one is available to answer questions?

    Cut Customer Response Time Using ZaZaChat Online Chat

    Customers can get an answer to their questions anytime because our live chat operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your customers may go on vacation, but the live support operators at ZaZaChat are always available.

    Stay ahead of the competition and attract even more customers by offering live support services on your travel website. There are thousands of travel websites offering bargain vacation deals.

    The bad news? Not all of those travel sites have live chat agents, who you can speak to about your travel accommodations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Equip your travel website with the easy-to-use live system from ZaZaChat live chat solutions and watch your sales go through the roof. Customers will have a live chat operator to answer their questions – and they’ll come back to your website to purchase more trips because they know it offers live support.

    You’ll find that customers love the customer service they receive.

    Experience The Power OF ZaZaChat Live Chat Software

    Visitors to your website will have a live chat experience, compliments of ZaZaChat live support.

    Our live chat software and help desk software operators can help customers with airline and hotel reservations; travel destinations; discounts and promotions.

    Thumb through the pages of the latest travel brochure – virtually – when our live chat operators send a website link to your screen.

    Explore The Benefits Of Online Live Chat Softwaret

    The unique features of our simple, powerful system allow our live support agents the opportunity to direct customers to partner websites, where they can purchase supplemental services such as insurance and passports.

    Not only is live chat the solution for potential customers, it’s the perfect venue when existing clients want to change travel plans or book immediate flights. Customers don’t have to wait on the telephone or waste precious time waiting on email responses.

    All they have to do is click on the ZaZaChat Live help button on your website. Their live chat session begins instantly. It’s that simple. Our live chat operators will give your customers live sales help, send photos and maps, and provide assistance using our powerful live chat and help desk software.

    ZaZaChat gives your customers immediate answers when they need them most.

    Advantages Of Offering Live Chat Support

    1. Provide Instant Answers

      Customers get their questions answered quickly and efficiently with live chat.

    2. Send Travel Information

      Live chat agents can send website visitors pictures of travel destinations, maps and more during the live chat session.

    3. Stand apart from competitors

    Live chat puts your agency ahead of the game, by offering superior customer service and features your competitors don’t.

    Connect Your Customers

    The Internet has made it easier to do business around the clock.

    But, the old rules of business still apply: Customers want to hear a real, live person on the other end of the phone when they call. Not an answering service. Not voice mail. And not silence on the other end of the phone.

    Critical Market Research

    Convert 25 Percent More!

    It’s a fact: Our live support software converts 25 percent more of your websites visitors into customers. And websites equipped with ZaZaChat’s help desk software provide market research that every website needs. Just think: How many more customers could your business get if there was a friendly, professional operator handling your calls live?

    Get more sales when you connect your website with customers using ZaZaChat. Our operators are trained to handle multiple customers, for maximum efficiency.