Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software

  • Why Use Live Chat? 1Communicate With Customers

    Your website visitors expect live support. In fact, online chat is a common feature on nearly all of the most successful Ecommerce websites today. Live chat improves customer service, by offering website visitors a live chat operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And, customers are more likely to spend money at a website that offers live support, improving your sales, credibility and boosting customer loyalty.

    2Powerful, Easy-To-Use System

    Our live support system is simple and easy to use –- it takes less than 5 minutes to install. There is no complicated training, HTML or programming languages that are required to get your live support system up and running. You’ll find that ZaZaChat is a powerful system that also offers market research information on your website visitors. ZaZaChat makes live chat easy.

    3Cost Effective

    Our live chat software and help desk software is affordably priced. Buy it for less than $1 a day and get as many as four operators who will field calls from your website. ZaZaChat is a cost-effective solution that offers customer service for small and large businesses. ZaZaChat live chat operators can service multiple clients.

    4Customer Friendly

    Our friendly, professional operators are here to service your customers – in sales, service, customer support and much more. Customers appreciate patronizing a website that offers a live, person they can talk to, any time of the day or night. Improve customer service with ZaZaChat live support.

  • Improve Your Consulting Services With Live Chat Software From ZaZaChat

    Live Chat Software Consulting Services

    Consultants usually focus on the services they offer clients, whether it’s accounting, website design, marketing or engineering.

    They’re usually so busy focusing on getting and keep clients that customer service goes to the bottom of their to-do lists.

    But it shouldn’t.

    The Internet has expanded the customer base of many consultants, who otherwise would never have been found by their clients. You never know when an existing client or a potential customer who stumbled upon your website will call.

    Eliminate the chances that you’ll miss important phone calls from existing and prospective clients by subscribing to ZaZaChat live support software.

    One phone call could make the difference between the success and failure of your consulting business.

    24-7 Live Support Software Makes Doing Business Easier

    Website live chat is a tool that all consultants can benefit from.

    Live chat operators can respond to nearly anything clients ask over the phone. Plus, our live support software offers the capabilities to send documents, images, photos and diagrams to customers’ screens.

    Clients’ demands can be huge. Do you really want to add managing your website’s customer service inquiries 24 hours a day on top of that?

    Installing live chat software and help desk software is the solution that will put your business – and your website — ahead of the competition.

    Business is tough. But there is now a powerful way to compile customer data, develop new leads, set appointments, answer customer service questions and successfully run your business – ZaZaChat live help software.

    Other consultants will tell you that ZaZaChat live support software is indispensable.

    Our live chat operators are available to answer calls 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Add as many or as few operators as your consulting business needs.

    We’re always available. Our friendly, live chat operators will assist your clients in all facets of your consulting business: sales, support and customer service.

    Let us handle all your live chat needs while you concentrate on running your business.

    Live Support Software That’s Easy As 1-2-3

    Our live chat software and help desk software is simple for clients to use.

    Clients simply click on the live chat button or live chat link that is installed on the pages of your website. Your live chat operators and your clients will soon communicate with each other via real-time text messaging.

    Never miss an important website referral again.

    Our live chat software and help desk software can be installed in as little as 5 minutes. And you don’t need to know complicated programming or HTML to begin receiving the benefits of live support software.

    ZaZaChat Offers More Than Just Live Chat Software

    ZaZaChat live person chat software offers a complete suite of services that are designed for consultants. Not only can our live support software help grow your business, we can also help you gather critical marketing data.

    Your live chat operators will have access to valuable customer information such as their city, country and postal codes; the search terms they used to find your website; and even how long they are spending on each page of your website.

    Gauge the effectiveness of your website using the information that our live chat operators compile. Measure how well your search engine advertising campaigns are working. ZaZaChat live support software does it all.

    Why Your Consulting Business Needs ZaZaChat live chat software and Help Desk Software To Succeed

    1. Answer Customers’ Questions In Real Time

      ZaZaChat answers customers’ questions — immediately.

    2. Monitor Customer Inquiries

      Monitor client inquiries on your website using our simple and easy to operate console that allows you to monitor client and live chat operator interactions.

    3. Exchange Information

      Send clients the information they need on their screens.

    4. Protected Chats

      Our chat sessions are conducted with the highest levels of chat security for strict customer confidentiality.

    Offer clients superior consulting and customer service with ZaZaChat live support software.

    Connect Your Customers

    The Internet has made it easier to do business around the clock.

    But, the old rules of business still apply: Customers want to hear a real, live person on the other end of the phone when they call. Not an answering service. Not voice mail. And not silence on the other end of the phone.

    Critical Market Research

    Convert 25 Percent More!

    It’s a fact: Our live support software converts 25 percent more of your websites visitors into customers. And websites equipped with ZaZaChat’s help desk software provide market research that every website needs. Just think: How many more customers could your business get if there was a friendly, professional operator handling your calls live?

    Get more sales when you connect your website with customers using ZaZaChat live chat solutions. Our operators are trained to handle multiple customers, for maximum efficiency.