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ZaZaChat PRO Subscription Packages

Billing Term
Live Chat Software Packages
1 to 4 Operators
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5+ Operators
  Monthly Subscription
Yearly Subscription

Affordable Live Chat Software

All ZazaChat PRO Subscription Packages are priced per number of operators on a monthly basis.

Live Support Software For Less Than $1 A Day

Get as few or as many operators as you need. You’ll pay $24.99 a month for each operator (up to 4 operators are allowed on this basic plan). Pre-pay a yearly subscription and you’ll pay $19.99 a month for each operator (up to 4 operators are allowed on this plan). See all the great discounts you get with ZaZa Chat live help software and help desk software by looking at the pricing summary on the table on the left of your screen.

One ZaZaChat Live Chat Account Can Manage Many Websites

ZaZaChat live chat solution and Live Support software makes it easier to manage customer service. Our pricing is competitive and affordable. Use your ZaZaChat account for customer service on all your website’s pages – or on different websites for one, low price. ZaZaChat operators can download operator panels on many computers in as little as 5 minutes — saving you money. And, the longer you make ZaZaChat your live chat operator, the more you’ll save. Our pre-paid yearly rates offer budget-conscious customer the best deals on our live chat and help desk software – 25 percent less per month than our monthly rates.

Free Live Chat

Live Chat Software Is AffordableEquipping your website with a
live chat
operator doesn’t have to be expensive and beyond your reach.

ZaZa live Chat software has a variety of plans to meet many different budgets.

How important is customer service to your business? And how much are you
willing to pay for it?

Excellent customer service is priceless; you can’t put a price tag on it.

Satisfied customers keep coming back — again, again and again. Give your customers the customer service they expect with ZaZaChat live support software.

You won’t find more affordable live chat software than ZaZaChat. For less than $1 a day, your website will have its very own live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get up to four operators for one low price. For a little bit more a month, you’ll get up to 5 live chat operators to handle all your website’s customer service calls.

ZaZa Live Chat Support Software Blows Our Competition Out The WaterOur prices are lower than our competitors – and our packages offer customers much more.

Other live chat software companies require customers give their credit card information to get a free 10-day trial. Not ZaZaChat Live Chat

We never ask for your credit card information during your free trial. Ever.

And our free trial is much longer than our competitors – 30 days. Enough time for you to test our powerful live chat software and help desk system. We’re so sure that you will sign up for our live support software that we’ll let you try it free for 30 days.

No CommitmentPick the plan that meets your needs. Get one live operator or three live operators. Pay for your ZaZaChat live chat services every month without a contract or, save even more when you pre-pay your live support service for one year.

Our live support software can be used on your website, online auction, blog, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, email signature and more.

Free Tech Support For Your Live Support SoftwareMany live chat companies charge additional fees for tech support, but not ZaZaChat. Not only do our customers get live chat operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they also get access to our tech support team at no extra charge.

Our tech support will answer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll help you install ZaZaChat’s live chat software and help desk software. We’re always available to help you.