Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software

  • Why Use Live Chat? 1Communicate With Customers

    Your website visitors expect live support. In fact, online chat is a common feature on nearly all of the most successful Ecommerce websites today. Live chat improves customer service, by offering website visitors a live chat operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And, customers are more likely to spend money at a website that offers live support, improving your sales, credibility and boosting customer loyalty.

    2Powerful, Easy-To-Use System

    Our live support system is simple and easy to use –- it takes less than 5 minutes to install. There is no complicated training, HTML or programming languages that are required to get your live support system up and running. You’ll find that ZaZaChat is a powerful system that also offers market research information on your website visitors. ZaZaChat makes live chat easy.

    3Cost Effective

    Our live chat software and help desk software is affordably priced. Buy it for less than $1 a day and get as many as four operators who will field calls from your website. ZaZaChat is a cost-effective solution that offers customer service for small and large businesses. ZaZaChat live chat operators can service multiple clients.

    4Customer Friendly

    Our friendly, professional operators are here to service your customers – in sales, service, customer support and much more. Customers appreciate patronizing a website that offers a live, person they can talk to, any time of the day or night. Improve customer service with ZaZaChat live support.

  • Offer Web Design Customers More With Live Chat Software

    Live Chat Web Designers

    Designing a client’s website is one thing, but making it easy for customers to navigate is quite another.

    Website design clients sometimes think the larger the website, the better.

    But the larger the website, the larger the site map. That means that more copy, design and links are needed. Sometimes, the one item that customers are searching for, they can’t find.

    There’s nothing worse than a frustrated customer who can’t find answers to basic questions on a website. Or a customer who must sift through pages and pages of your website for a simple answer.

    They’ll click off – and they may not ever click back on again. Your client has probably lost a sale – and they will probably never know what they did wrong.

    Help Your Clients Land More Business With Live Chat Support

    Make your client’s website easier to navigate for their customers by using a simple solution – ZaZaChat live chat software.

    Our live chat operators can help your client’s customers find what they’re looking for – quickly.

    Our live chat is the live chat solution that website design companies around the country use every day as part of the services they offer to clients. ZaZaChat is a revenue driver, earn affiliate partners 30 percent commissions for as long as their referrals subscribe to our online chat services.

    Position Your Clients For Success With Live Chat Software

    Offering ZaZaChat online chat services gives your customers the advantage they need to get ahead. ZaZaChat online chat is the smart and practical choice for thousands of clients, who depend on our professional, live chat operators to give them a polished, customer service image.

    There are millions of ecommerce sites online, with some of the most visually appealing designs you’ll ever see. Yet, that doesn’t mean anything to a potential customer if they have a question and have to leave an email or a voice mail message. Customers want their questions answered – quickly.

    ZaZaChat help desk software fills in the gaps. Our live chat operators are available to serve customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it’s questions about sales, support or information, our operators cater to customer demands.
    Our live chat operators provide customer assistance day and night. Customers who need help can quickly get the assistance they need by using ZaZaChat’s live chat solutions. The live chat operators at ZaZaChat are the resource your clients’ customers can turn to.

    Look At What Live Chat Software and Help Desk Software Has To Offer

    ZaZaChat live chat software and helpdesk software offers advantages to you and your clients when you offer live chat in your suite of services:

    • Clients will appreciate that your services offer tangible benefits that will help grow their business. Smart clients that live chat customer service will distinguish their websites from competitors.
    • ZaZaChat live chat levels the playing field for small and mid-size businesses, giving them live chat service for the polished, professional customer service image they’ve always wanted.
    • Our live help software and help desk software adds value-added services such as website monitoring, which allows clients to track information such as the city, state and postal code of their website visitors; the keywords they used; and the amount of time spent on each page of your website.

    ZaZaChat live person chat software has built its reputation serving customers around the world.

    We know how important customer service is, especially in ecommerce. It doesn’t matter if your client’s website is in Boston or Belgium, customers expect someone a live person to answer the phone when they have questions. Successful companies know that website customer service is a requirement, not an option.

    Connect Your Customers

    The Internet has made it easier to do business around the clock.

    But, the old rules of business still apply: Customers want to hear a real, live person on the other end of the phone when they call. Not an answering service. Not voice mail. And not silence on the other end of the phone.

    Critical Market Research

    Convert 25 Percent More!

    It’s a fact: Our live support software converts 25 percent more of your websites visitors into customers. And websites equipped with ZaZaChat’s help desk software provide market research that every website needs. Just think: How many more customers could your business get if there was a friendly, professional operator handling your calls live?

    Get more sales when you connect your website with customers using ZaZaChat. Our operators are trained to handle multiple customers, for maximum efficiency.