Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software

ZaZaChat Free Features

Live Chat Features

Live Chat

  • 3 Installation options:Website, Online Auctions, Email Signatures
  • 1500 Visitors Per Week
  • Web Based Operator Panel
  • One account – Unlimited websites
  • One account – Unlimited custom tailored chat windows
  • Multiple Simultaneous Chat Sessions
  • Copy and Paste code generation for easy installation
  • Online/Offline buttons provided by ZaZaCHAT
  • “Door bell” alert when new Visitor is waiting for chat
  • URL Sensitive Chat Sessions
  • Print / Email Chat Transcripts
  • Offline Email Messages
Website Monitoring

  • Real Time Analytics Available Without Initiating A Live Chat
  • Visit Time
  • Current Page
  • Page Title
  • IP Address
  • Host Name
  • Country
  • Language
  • ISP
  • Referrer (Search Engine Including Search Keywords, Another Site, Direct Hit)
  • Browser Name
  • Browser Version
  • Browser Platform
  • Java Enabled?
  • Screen Resolution
  • Screen Color
  • Flash Player Version
ZaZaChat PRO Features

Paid Live Chat Software Features

Replaces or Adds the Following Features over ZaZaChat Free

Live Chat

  • No Contract Required
  • Web or Windows Based Operator Panel
  • Unlimited Visitors Per Week
  • One account – Unlimited custom tailored chat windows
  • Proactive Live Help invitations
  • Auto Live Help Invitations
  • View online Operators by Department
  • Silent chat monitoring
  • View numbers of Chat Sessions online operators are engaged in
  • SSL Support
  • Operator to Operator messaging
  • Multiple Operators support
  • “Whisper” Technology
  • Visitor Tagging
  • Administrator’s high authority
  • Spell Check
  • Visitors’ Previous Chat history is available to Operators
  • “Returning Visitor” Indicator
  • Add Notes to Visitors / Chat Transcripts
  • IP Banning
  • Full ZaZaKnowledge© integration
Highly Customized

  • Fully customizable Chat Window with defaults provided
  • Online/Offline custom button support
  • Fully customizable Auto Invitation Window with defaults provided
  • Fully customizable Pre-Chat Survey Window with defaults provided
  • Fully customizable Offline Window with defaults provided
  • Customizable Chat messages
  • Canned Responses Support
  • Canned Images Support
  • Canned URLs
  • Custom information feed
  • On-demand Data Export
  • On-demand custom integration with other applications
ZaZaAlerter© Features

  • Task Bar (System Tray) Outlook-like Chat Request notification
  • Task Bar Call Request notification
  • Sound or Voice notifications
  • Quick ZaZaCHAT Operator Panel Launch
  • Customizable Idle Detected Log Out
ZaZaTicket© Features

  • Lifecycle trouble ticket management system
  • Use the straightforward interface to track and manage each ticket
  • Allow visitors to easily submit trouble tickets, and track their progress right from the web
  • Measure ticket analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your team
  • Improve communication with your end users with automated responses and ticket status notifications
  • Add resolved tickets to Knowledgebase maintained by ZaZaKnowledge for visitors’ and operators’ self-help
ZaZaKnowledge© Features

  • Lifecycle Knowledgebase management system
  • Ability to add questions to Knowledgebase directly from an active chat session
  • Private and Public Knowledgebase article flags for public / internal use.
  • Operator ability to search public / internal Knowledgebase articles directly from the Operator Panel while engaged in an active chat session
ZaZaInquirer© Features

  • 30+ Printable, graphical reports providing vital information about an e-business and ZaZaCHAT account performance including:Main Overview, Marketing Overview, Content Overview, Daily Live Help Statistics, Requested Calls summary, Operator performance, and many more…
  • Filter by date range
ZaZaBroadcast© Features

  • Message broadcast system. Have an important announcement that every visitor to your website should know about? ZaZaBroadcast will help.
  • Queues and displays custom messages to your website visitors.
  • Several message customization options are available:
    • Display on specific pages
    • Display if a visitor on the page for more than 10-120 seconds
    • Display only if a visitor has visited more than 1-20 pages of your website
    • Display on schedule. i.e between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM EST
    • Display for visitors from specific regions (Country, City)


ZaZaChat.NET© Features

  • ZaZaChat.NET © is a User Control (Windows Class Library) that brings all the client functionality of ZaZaChat ©, commonly on the web, to Windows .NET 2.0 applications.
  • Published for use by software development companies, helping software companies of all sizes enable application support via live chat built into the software’s screens, automate internal and external customer service to improve customer satisfaction and decrease support expenses.


ZaZaBrowser© Features

  • Operator ability to navigate external websites without leaving the Operator Panel


ZaZaChat – Live Chat Software

Live Chat Features

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