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Grow Your Business By Partnering With Live Chat an ZaZaChat company.

Partner with Live Chat as we grow our live chat business around the world.

Live chat is among the fastest-growing customer segments of Ecommerce because it’s a value-added service with tangible benefits: increased customer service, higher sales and customer loyalty for your website.

Join us as we expand our mission to provide live chat software and help desk software to tens of thousands of companies worldwide. Partner with ZaZaChat live person chat software and you’ll have the opportunity to increase your revenue and add more customer value by offering live chat support software to your customers.

Your customers trust you to provide them with the best online solutions. Offer ZaZaChat as one of your company’s service offerings and your customers will thank you for it.

ZaZaChat is perfect for small, medium and large businesses, freeing up the costly expense and paperwork of hiring full-time customer service operators. You simply cannot beat the value that ZaZaChat live chat support software offers.

Our live chat operators are there when your customers are – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Is your biggest selling point at 2 p.m.? Don’t worry. Our live chat operators will be there, ready and waiting to handle all of your customer service calls.

Earn Money With Every ZaZaChat live chat software and help desk software Program You Sell

Increase your income by reselling our live chat software to customers around the world. Our live support software partnership program is ideal for website hosting, website publishing, e-commerce stores, web development, domain registration/trading, and other online companies.

There are virtually no limitations on where you can resell ZaZaChat live help software. Nearly any online business can use our live support software to handle their customer service needs.

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Your income potential is limitless!

Expand your profit base by offering ZaZaChat as a live support software solution to your customers. We offer healthy commissions on the sale of our live support software.

Get residual, passive income. As long as your customers continue their monthly and annual subscriptions, you’ll continue to get commissions – month after month and year after year. As our live chat business grows with your help, your profits will also grow.

Live Chat Software
Makes Sense For Your Customers

Selling ZaZaChat’s live chat software and help desk software isn’t a hard sale. In fact, many of our customers sign-up once they see the powerful benefits our live chat support system has to offer:

  • Our live support software system = increased sales. Your customers will feel safe and comfortable about coming back to a website with live chat support operators that will handle all of their customer service concerns.
  • Increased customer loyalty. Our live support software offers customers the customer service solutions they need.

Partner With Live Chat Live Chat And Watch Your Profits Grow

We know our partners are the key to the success of Live Chat So we’ve designed a program that makes selling and reselling our live chat software and help desk software profitable.

Look at what Live Chat Software’s partnership program has to offer:

  • Flexible pricing designed to fit the needs of our partners
  • Discounts based on volume
  • Private label live chat solutions
  • Resell our services at your own prices
  • Technical support

You can sell our live chat software and live help desk software even if you don’t have a website business. Just enroll in our reseller program and we’ll get you started on the road to live chat profits.

We’re waiting for you to sign up.

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