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  • Live Chat Software Testimonial

    ZaZa Chat has been an invaluable tool for running my business. I have detailed information about my visitors, what they searched to find my site, how I can improve my search rankings to drive more traffic my way. I would not be able to run my business without it!


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    Market Research Convert 25 Percent More!

    It’s a fact: Our live support software converts 25 percent more of your websites visitors into sold customers. Websites equipped with ZaZaChat’s help desk software provide market research that every website needs. Just think: How many more customers could your business get if there was a friendly, professional operator handling your calls live?

    Get more sales when you connect your website with customers using ZaZaChat.

  • Why Live Chat? 1Communicate With Customers

    Your website's customers are a demanding and impatient group. They want access to information right here, right now. If their questions cannot be answered immediately, they will find somewhere else that provides them with the information they are looking for. Live Chat Software bridges the information gap, and brings customer service to the web. No matter how informative and well designed the website, your customers will need help. Our software provides you with the tools to better serve your customer.

    2Powerful, Easy-To-Use System

    Our live support system is simple and easy to use –- it takes less than 5 minutes to install. There is no complicated training, HTML or programming languages that are required to get your live support system up and running. We also offer professional installation.

    3Live Chat Is Just One Feature of ZaZaChat

    You need Live Chat, and you also need Website Monitoring. ZaZaChat's capabilites include real time access to all of your website's analytics. You can see where your visitors came from, where they are browsing on your website, and more. This information is invaluable in offering a higher level of customer service. Visit our live chat software features page for more information on all of ZaZaChat's features.

    4Cost Effective

    Studies show that offering a Live Chat Solution increases your sales conversion rates exponentially. There are many Live Chat Software programs on the market, however, no other live chat software offers all of the features that ZaZaChat does. Additionally, ZaZaChat costs less than the competition. More Features + Lower Price = The Best Live Chat Value on the Market. Get started with your free live chat software trial today!

  • Poor customer service = poor sales. Boost your website’s credibility.

    Customers expect — and demand — Live Help = Live Chat Software

    Increase customer satisfaction and keep customers coming back for more by equipping your website with live chat software from ZaZaChat Live Help Software.

    ZaZaChat live chat software is designed to give small, mid-size and large businesses a large customer service presence online — 24 hours a day. Customers who visit your website and click on the ZaZa Live chat software icon will instantly connect to a live operator.

    ZaZa Chat Live Person Chat Software has the best live chat support software in the business. Period. We’ve got a proven track record and years of experience providing websites with live chat software and live help desk software that gets business done more efficiently.

    Everyday, we beat competitors not only on features, but also pricing. Our powerful help desk software system will help you increase your website’s customer service – and lead to more sales.

    Why You Need Live Help Software?

    Support. Flexible. Secure. Easy.

    Around The Clock Support

    ZaZa Chat’s live chat software eliminates the overhead that can come with running a 24-hour business. For as little as $1 a day, you can have a professional operator handling your business calls — giving you the polished, professional image you’ve always wanted. And for much less than the cost of hiring your own customer service representative.

    Our Live Chat Support Services Are Flexible

    In today’s economy, flexibility is the name of the game. You’ve got to be nimble in order to succeed. Hire one operator or as many as your website requires. We’ve got monthly and yearly pricing plans that begin as little as $19.99 a month per operator or $14.99 per month per operator if you pre-pay for a year in advance. Business changes quickly. ZaZaChat’s live support software can keep up.

    Live Chat Software That’s Secure

    You’ll never have to worry about security issues with ZaZa Chat’s live chat software. Our system is encrypted with the most up-to-date technology in the industry. Conversations between ZaZaChat live chat operators and your customers are secure, and can’t be monitored or shared with anyone else.

    ZaZa Live Chat Software Is Easy To Install

    Some live chat software companies have complicated set-ups that take IT personnel to figure out. Not ZaZaChat Live Chat Solutions. Our live support software is simple and easy to install. Setting up your live chat software is easy. It takes less than 10 minutes.

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    Where Can Live Support Software Be Used?

    Online Stores, Auto, Travel and more:

    Online Stores

    Live operators are a must for any online business. Customers want to be sure about what they’re purchasing. Give customers the assurance they need to purchase your products when you equip your website with ZaZa live chat software. Our live chat operators can answer your customers’ questions and address customer service issues or customer concerns, increasing the chances a customer will make a purchase.
    More Information: Live Chat Software Ecommerce

    Auto Sales Industry

    Dealerships do their best to answer customers’ questions, but inevitably a concern may arise somewhere in the buying process. Live Chat operators are your middle ground between auto dealerships and customers. Our live chat operators answer basic questions about cars, which increase the likelihood that customers will become your loyal customers.
    More Information: Live Chat Software Auto Sales

    Travel Industry

    Have money, will travel. Yet, there are many questions that come up before customers ever book a flight or reserve a trip on your website. There are hotel accommodations to arrange, flight arrangements to make and don’t forget about itineraries. It’s why travel websites need qualified staff on hand to answer questions. ZaZaChat Live Chat live chat operators can handle these types of questions and many more.
    More Information: Live Chat Software Travel Agency

    Higher Education

    College isn’t a one-size fits all proposition; neither are questions from prospective students and their parents. Providing answers is critical and could make the difference between adding a student and losing one. Rely on ZaZaChat live chat software and live help desk software to answer important questions about tuition, fees and dorm rooms when they go to your school’s website.
    More Information: Live Chat Software Education

    Healthcare Industry

    There are literally thousands of health care plans. Deductibles? Co-pays? Prescriptions? Make it all easier to understand using help desk software and live chat operators from Live Chat Let them help your customers sift through the health care insurance maze and answer questions customers have about their coverage.
    More Information: Live Chat Software Insurance Agencies

    Veterinary Clinic

    Fido is sick, and it’s the middle of the night. Should you wait to take him to the vet in the morning or find a 24-hour facility now? ZaZaChat can help. Our live chat operators can provide your customers with the animal medical assistance they need.
    More Information: Live Chat Software Veterinary Clinic

    Real Estate And Mortgage

    Buying a house is a complex financial transaction. And ZaZaChat live support software can help. Our trained, live operators can answer basic question that customers may have about real estate and mortgages. Separate your website from competitors by offering customers technical assistance using help desk software from ZaZaChat Live Chat
    More Information: Live Chat Software Real Estate

    Financial Industry

    Now is either the best time to invest — or the worse time. That means that customers are going to have questions about complex financial transactions and write-offs, and they can look to your website for answers. Our help desk software can help answer clients’ questions the moment they arise. Help customers feel safer about their investments by using a live chat operator to address their concerns.
    More Information: Live Chat Software Financial

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